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Dogs at your wedding: Best practices for doing it well

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

You love your dog like family and couldn't imagine celebrating your wedding day without them. But where do you even start with planning when it comes to a furry family member?

Does your Venue allow pets?

The first thing to check is whether your venue even allows pets to be a part of your wedding day. If they do, what restrictions and/or requirements do they have? Can they only be present for the ceremony? Or will they be able to stay the entire day with you? Make sure you find that out first before proceeding with any plans to incorporate them into your big day.

Is there somewhere for your pet to relax?

The next thing to check into is whether or not there is a quiet space for your pet to go to if they get overstimulated and need some down time. There will be a lot going on that day - from an abundance of new sights and smells to elevated emotions they can sense, but not quite understand. If they have a comfort item, like a favorite toy, bringing this with could help them calm down. Maybe even consider bringing their crate with them if not too big.

Have a dedicated caregiver for your pet

You must have someone at your wedding whose sole responsibility is caring for your pet. They will need to be in charge of making sure your pet has enough water throughout the day, is fed when needed, take them to use the bathroom and clean up after them. You may also need them to bring your pet out and take them home if you don't plan on having them spend the entire day with you. It's a good idea to consider having them arrive later and go home earlier, especially if your pet is not used to long days filled with activities.

Optional, but oh so cute: Dress them up for the occasion

Your canine best friend shouldn't be left out of getting decked out! Get them a special bow or bandana for the festivities. Or maybe a new collar and leash. We've even seen floral wreaths specially made for dogs who looked so adorable! They're sure to be included in pictures, so why not have them looking their best as well.

If you aren't able to make sure that your dog has someone to take care of them at the wedding then it's best for them to remain at home. Long story short, we completely understand how a pet is considered as close to some of us as any member of our human family and how some might want to have their pet with them on one of the most important days of their lives. As long as you can check all the boxes that we listed above, GO FOR IT!

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