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What is the Best Month to Get Married in Iowa?

Planning the perfect wedding can be a challenging feat, and knowing the best month to get married in Iowa might leave you scratching your head. With its fluctuating temperatures and changing scenery, our Midwestern state offers couples plenty of stunning backdrops for your special day throughout the year. Read on to find out which month might be best for you and your wedding as we break down some of the pros and cons of each month of our wedding season, what flowers you can expect in bloom, and see just how different spots around our venue change in scenery from month to month.

Special note: Documenting our property throughout the year has been on our to do list for several years now. Last year I finally made that happen! I did miss a week or two throughout the 6 months and towards the end I even forgot to get pictures in certain spots! But I'm pretty proud of myself for getting the majority of it taken. Enjoy!

May Weddings

When you think of May, you typically think of the peak of Spring. Everything is (finally!) starting to grow and fill in. Trees are getting their leaves, the grass is growing, and the very first flowers (think tulips, hyacinths, and peonies) are starting to bloom. Flowering trees will also start to bloom (which we have a lot of along our nature trails!)

The main con with a May wedding is not knowing if Mother Nature is going to cooperate with you and provide you with any flowers. When everything starts to bloom is dependent on how many warm days we've had before your wedding day. A cooler spring means a later bloom time and could mean no flowers.

May temperatures can be all over the place. You really never know what you're going to get. We've even had a snowfall in early May!

June Weddings

A June wedding means a lot more daylight to work with and many more flowers blooming. Flowers that you'll see in bloom around the property this month typically include bee balm, day lilies, wild geranium, salvia, milkweed and yarrow.

June brings us consistently warmer temperatures, and rising humidity levels and possibility of storms. All which can be inconvenient if you're trying to plan an outdoor ceremony. If you're thinking of doing an outdoor ceremony, it's important to have an indoor back up plan (ummm, hello glass chapel!)

July Weddings

July is usually the start of the peak time for flowers. You'll see the greatest variety all around the property throughout this month. Some of the flowers in bloom during July include milkweed, yarrow, hoary vervain, ironweed, zinnia, obedient plant, royal catchfly, compass plant, brown and black eyed Susan, yellow and purple coneflower, and wild Senna.

The main downfall of July is the weather. It is hot. And humid. Extremely humid. This turns a lot of people off from choosing this month. But if you take a look at pictures, it is one of the most beautiful. Towards the end of the month you'll also get a ton of butterflies starting to pass through on their migration which can add a unique touch to your wedding day.

August Weddings

A lot of the flowers that were in bloom in July continue to bloom throughout August and into the beginning of September. These include hoary vervain, ironweed, compass plant, brown and black eyed Susan, zinnia, and yellow and purple coneflowers. Butterflies continue visiting our venue through the first half of the month.

While August is still a warmer month, the daylight hours are slowly decreasing and the really hot days are becoming less common. It might come as a surprise, but we've had a lot of August wedding days in the 70s! It's a shame that a lot of people avoid the month of August because it's one of the most beautiful at our venue.

September Weddings

In addition to the many summer flowers that were mentioned above, September brings a few new flowers to the landscape like asters, and goldenrod. Zinnias, anise hyssop, and Indian Blanket flowers continue going strong as well.

September is a very popular month for weddings when temperatures tend to be milder. The days are still warm with cool nights.

One of the drawbacks to September (and October too) is that football has started up again, and to the avid sports fan, this can cause a major dilemma. Some sports enthusiasts plan their wedding around a bye week to avoid missing out on game day.

October Weddings

Over the years October has become the most popular choice for our clients for their wedding month. You can see from the pictures that the changing colors are absolutely breathtaking. The cooler temperatures are also a welcome reprieve from the hot days of summer.

Most flowers from September and October will continue to thrive until we receive the first hard frost. After that the changing colors of foliage will provide a stunning backdrop to your wedding day.

And the Best Month to Get Married In Iowa is......

As you can see, you really can't choose a bad month to get married in when having a wedding in Iowa! Whatever month you end up choosing will be beautiful!

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