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Wedding Bouquet

Frequently Asked Questions

How far from Council Bluffs/Omaha are you?

We are about 30 minutes from the Council Bluffs/Omaha downtown metro.

How many guests can the chapel and banquet barn accommodate?

The chapel can seat 168 in the pews.  Additional chairs are available if needed, allowing for a maximum capacity of 220. The banquet barn can seat up to 275.

Can I visit without an appointment?

Since we are located on a working farm, we request that you have an appointment for a tour of our venue. Any meetings with vendors involved with the event must be prearranged. Access to the property is only available when an event or showing is scheduled. When an event or showing is not scheduled the main gates will be locked denying access to the property.

What months of the year are you open?

We are open mid April through the first weekend of November.  We are a country location that can feel the brunt of Mother Nature in the winter months therefore we are a seasonal business.

Do you have a preferred vendors list for other vendors?

You may choose whatever vendors you wish for your photographer, videographer, transportation, wedding cake, etc. If assistance is needed in selecting a vendor, we'd be happy to point you in the direction of vendors that have been out here before.

Is Willow Creek pet friendly?

Yes! We understand how important your pet is and how you'd want to include them on your wedding day.  We require that you have a person dedicated to their care and clean up any accidental messes.

Are there any restrictions on decorations?

One of the compliments we receive most is that our venue is naturally beautiful and minimal decoration is needed. Nothing may be nailed, tacked, pinned or attached to the wood. Only LED candles are allowed inside the buildings. No environmentally harmful, unsightly or potentially dangerous materials such as glitter, rice, confetti, silly string or fireworks.

If we decide to bring in our own decorations, when do we get to set up?

Decorating needs to be done within your contracted rental time.  Additional charges will apply for extra time added on to rental. Tear down of your decorations must also be done in your scheduled rental time unless additional time is contracted.

Is there refrigeration available for flowers and cake?

Yes, limited refrigeration space is available, so please discuss your needs with us beforehand.

Can I have a rehearsal?

Due to our heavily booked schedule, most couples do a run through the day of their wedding. If you wish to have your rehearsal on a day other than your wedding day, an additional charge will apply. Rehearsals will be arranged around 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding date and is subject to venue availability.

 Can we bring in our own alcohol?

Willow Creek has their own liquor license and cannot have you bring in outside alcohol. We offer a wide selection of beers, wine and liquors and take the stress of planning and stocking the bar off our clients so that they can fully enjoy their reception.  Absolutely no outside alcohol is to be brought onto Willow Creek property per state law.

What if we arrive before our scheduled rental time?

Gates will be locked and the property will not be open for your event before the agreed upon scheduled rental time. Please inform all vendors (minister, photographer, florist, etc.) of your rental time. No one will be admitted until the scheduled rental time.

Do we have to set up tables and chairs or break them down?

Absolutely not! We want you to be able to start set up immediately after you arrive. Setup of tables and chairs will be completed for you based off of the floorpan we make with you prior to your arrival.

Do I need a microphone for the ceremony in the chapel?

Most people find that the acoustics in the chapel are amazing and only about 5% of the weddings held here have opted to use one. You will be responsible for securing your own microphone should you choose to use one.

When are decorators, bakers, photographers and other vendors allowed on site?

Vendors may come onto the property at the start of your rental time.

Can items be left overnight?

No, the premises need to be cleared by the end of your rental time so our staff can clean and prepare for our next scheduled event. Any items left behind will likely be discarded into the trash.

Can vehicles be left overnight?

Absolutely! We want you and your guests to have fun and be safe.  Vehicles can be left overnight, but we ask that they are picked up by 9:30 the following morning if there is a scheduled event.  If there is no event scheduled, we ask that all vehicles are retrieved by 2pm.

How do I reserve my date with Willow Creek?

To reserve your date we require a filled out and signed contract along with the down payment. The remaining balance will be split between 2 payments due at 8 and 2 months before your wedding.

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