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5 Overlooked things to Consider when Touring a Wedding Venue

Congratulations, lovebirds! You've said 'yes' to forever, and now it's time to embark on the journey of finding the perfect wedding venue. As you prepare to tour potential locations, it's essential to go beyond the glittering brochures and online galleries. Most guides will tell you to check the availability, capacity, and pricing (like we already did in this blog), but what about the often-overlooked aspects that could make or break your big day? Let's dive into the crucial questions to ask during your venue hunt, ensuring your dream day is everything you've envisioned and more.


#1: Unseen Costs

Picture this: you think you've found the ideal venue, and the initial quote seems reasonable. But before you start mentally arranging your bouquet, inquire about hidden fees. These can go by many different names: service fees, service charge, operations fee, etc. While it can go by multiple names, the one thing in common is that it can sneakily inflate your budget depending on what the rate is. We've seen fees ranging from 10-20% for several similar Omaha wedding venues. If your base rental fee is $5000, a service fee could be from $500-$1000. Don't let this unexpected cost cast a shadow on your happily ever after.

#2: Rain on Your Wedding Day?

While many wedding venues boast enchanting outdoor spaces, few explicitly discuss the potential challenges that weather can pose. Statistics indicate that approximately 79% of weddings occur between May and October, making rain an uninvited guest [source: WeddingWire]. Be prepared for any plot twists by asking about alternative arrangements – because a well-prepared bride is a stress-free bride. Can the venue seamlessly transition your ceremony indoors if needed? And will there be any additional fees associated with this? Addressing these concerns ensures you're well-prepared for any weather-related hiccups on your big day.

#3: Vendor Friendliness

You've likely envisioned a dream team of vendors to bring your vision to life. However, not all venues are vendor-friendly. Some places have exclusive contracts with specific vendors, limiting your options; while others give you the creative freedom to bring in your vendor of choice. Clarify the venue's policy on vendors and any additional fees that may come with bringing in your preferred professionals. This ensures you have the flexibility to choose the vendors who align with your vision for the perfect day.

#4: Lighting Matters

You've picked a date, but have you considered how the lighting will complement your ceremony and reception? Visit the venue at the same time of day as your wedding and pay attention to natural light sources and artificial lighting options. This small detail can significantly impact the ambiance and the visual appeal of your photos.

#5: The logistics of Love

Parking, accessibility, and restroom facilities—these may seem mundane, but they're vital. Make sure your guests won't need a treasure map to find parking or have to scale a mountain to get to the venue. Additionally, check if there are ample and well-maintained restroom facilities. After all, no bride wants to worry about plumbing logistics on her big day.

Touring a Wedding Venue with Confidence

Touring a wedding venue can now be done with confidence when you keep these often-overlooked aspects in mind. After all, it's the little details that will elevate your wedding day from ordinary to extraordinary. Happy venue hunting, and may your journey to 'I do' be filled with joy, love, and unexpected delights!

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