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More than a wedding venue

If you're looking to escape from city life, head out our way! Our location might not be at the top of everyone's lists, but we're ok with that.  We kind of feel the same as Nebraska's tagline: "Honestly, we're not for everyone."  We have plenty to offer the nature enthusiast though.  Fresh air, no noise or light pollution, and a jaw dropping landscape; it's no wonder why we're some people's ideal wedding venue near Omaha.

Can't make it out yet to visit our venue, but want to experience a walk through?

Choose one of our videos to feel like you're actually out at our venue for a tour.

Wedding Venue near Omaha Sunset.heic

Cassidy, bride

We hadn’t let anyone visit the venue leading up to the wedding so everyone was truly surprised when they arrived and got over the rolling hills to the Chapel. Everyone was amazed and couldn’t stop talking about how great the venue was. Willow Creek was very helpful during the process of booking and their staff was amazing the day of. Worth the 40 minute drive out of Omaha! Definitely take advantage of their open houses they have throughout the year.

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