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Fall Weddings in Iowa and Nebraska

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Changing colors. Football. Hot chocolate. Pumpkins. Flannel. S'mores.

These are all great things that go hand in hand with fall, but there's one that tops the list- weddings!

Fall is a very popular month for weddings in Iowa and Nebraska and there's no surprise why. With cooler temps and lower humidity (yay!), these two factors alone can immediately sell a bride on a fall date. But one of the most popular reasons (and most beautiful) is the changing scenery outside. Leaves are turning colors, creating a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding day. Deep, saturated hues in red, yellow and orange abound and contrast nicely with other dark tones like green and blue.

Fall is particularly breathtaking at Willow Creek because that is when wildflowers like goldenrod, aster, black eyed Susan, and sunflowers are in abundance.

Photographs by The Archers

Are you thinking about planning your own fall midwest wedding? Here are a few tips and things to keep in mind:

Are you, your family or friends big football fans? You might want to make sure your wedding date fall on a bye week of your favorite college team. We've had many weddings planned around their team's schedules or switch to a different day of the week (hello, Friday!) to avoid this conflict.

Want the most optimal colors? while we can't guarantee what kind of weather Mother Nature will give us, odds are pretty good that leaves will start turning shades of yellow, orange and red between the first and second week of October.

Photographs by True Imagery

Want to add some cozy extras to your wedding day? We've seen brides utilize flannel, have blankets as favors, hot chocolate and coffee bars with dessert, and an all time classic -s'mores.

Photographs by True Imagery

It's not hard to see why fall weddings have become the most popular season to get married in the midwest!

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